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Christina Rosenvinge
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Christina Rosenvinge was born May 29, 1964 in Madrid and is a Spanish singer born to Danish father and English mother.

She was a member of several Spanish groups - including Christina y Los Subterráneos or Alex y Cristina before she started a solo career with help from Lee Ranaldo, the guitarist of Sonic Youth. She spent the 1980s as a bona fide star in the Latin-speaking world, selling out stadiums and a boatload of records as half of the duo Alex Y Christina. By the early 90s, weary of the endless media maelstrom, increasingly disillusioned by the stifling creative confines of the mass market, and newly inspired by the more personal, idiosyncratic work of songwriters such as Leonard Cohen, she began to write, with an increasing deftness and dedication, songs in her own voice, and closer to her heart.

Christina is currently back in Spain preparing for the release of her latest project, a book-and-record set, songs for which were recorded over the past year, again at Echo Canyon and featuring members of Sonic Youth and Two Dollar Guitar.

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