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Esther Aranda
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Esther Aranda Alonso was born on April 23, 1987 in Malaga, Spain. Before jumping to fame she was working as a clerk in a store selling Levis, but her passion since childhood has been music and even recorded a demo with a song called 'Runaway'.

A few years later, in 2008, she decided to participate in the casting of the famous program "Operación Triunfo. She was not entirely successful as she was suffering stage fright and was the only contestant of her edition that had not stepped on a stage before, nor had any experience as a singer. She was the fifth eliminated and came out as the most controversial contestant in this edition of the program.

She drew strength and decided to pose for the magazine Interviu, which was also very controversial. The money she earned from the magazine, she invested in what will be her first album and is working very hard on this new project with one of the producers of Darbuka who have also produced albums by artists such as El canto del loco, Natalia Beatriz Luengo, among others.

Esther has recently done a collaboration with the group - Eccentric Snowy and a respective 'videoclip'. She is currently promoting her first album "I'm Still Here" which has already sold 40,000 copies.

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