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Born on January 29th of 1983 in Alicante, a coastal city in the southeast of Spain, Itziar always showed a great passion for Music and its different forms of expression. But it was when she formed her first band at the age of 15 that music took on a starring role in her life. Getting to perform at a local level, and with radio appearances, she focused on her dream and began to take lessons and to dance in a HipHop Dance Company with the goal of becoming a great performer.

In 2002 different projects made her move to Paris, where she starts to work as a professional dancer with international and national artists like Cerrone, Juanes, and Lorie. Representing international brands like NIKE and OXBOW performing on world tours and television programs.

In 2005 Itziar concentrates her energy in her solo singing career, starting to produce the tracks that will help her give form to her project - music based in the blend of Latin music and R&B - a sound also known as Latin R&B. As soon as she started to work the opportunities arrived, like featuring with the known French rap group “LA BRIGADE” in the song “Soledad”, included in their album “Un esprit libre ne meurt jamais”. And collaborations with different artists of the national R&B scene such as Neje or Willy Denzey.

In 2006, while still in Paris, she was invited to be part of the production team and the songwriter for Las Caprice. With the purpose of developing this project she moved to Miami, and in 2008 Itziar became the newest member of the group.

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