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Natalia Rodríguez Gallego
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Natalia Rodríguez Gallego was born December 11, 1982 in Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Cádiz Province, Spain. This is the full name of the Spanish singer Natalia. She was a contestant on the successful Spanish TV show Operación Triunfo in 2001, where she finished 14th.

In 2002, she released her album No soy un ángel (I'm Not an Angel), produced by British dance producers Xenomania and the first single off the album, Vas a volverme loca.

In 2003, Natalia released Besa mi piel (Kiss My Skin). On this album, she included 4 of her own compositions (including the first single, also called 'Besa Mi Piel').

In 2004, she released Natalia, her third album. The first single was track penned by Lucie Silvas called Sombras (Shadows). The video (which featured Natalia in a haunted house being seduced by a ghost) was seemed too inappropriate for young children and it wasn't shown on Spanish TV until the late evening, which caused a flop in sales. Amid this, the second single, Que No Puede Ser (What You Can't Be), became a lot more successful than the first single, due to another expensive video (this time, based on the film Mean Girls) and a big promotional tour across Spain, where Natalia sang live on many important TV shows. This album, however, was mainly based on rock music. It included a version of AC/DC's Highway to Hell. Natalia has appeared on many other artists albums. In 2004, she appeared on an album by Spanish singer Tony Aguilar on a song called Vuelve. With addition to this, Natalia has appeared on American rapper AT's album Electric Grease with the song “I Love This Game”.

Natalia took a break for a year. However, in September 2005, she made her comeback. First of all, she came third in the Spanish reality TV program Gente de Primera, where celebrities take a member of the public and transform them into pop stars. In June 2006, Natalia released her fourth album, Nada es lo que crees (Nothing Is What You Believe). It got to number 25#, 4 places lower than 'Natalia'. The first single, “Loco por mí” (Mad for Me), got to number 3 in the Spanish chart, solely on Internet Downloads. In January 2007, half a year after the first single was released, it was announced that the second single would be A Tí (To You). However, without a promotional video, it didn't make the Spanish chart.

In November 2007, Natalia returned with a new album, Radikal, and a new single, Rebelde en Libertad. Radikal debuted in the Spanish charts at 56, the lowest entry for any singer to come from Operación Triunfo. 2009 brings Natalia's greatest hits album, ending her 5 album record contract with Universal/Vale Music.

Although she was 12th in the first edition of Spain's version of Fame Academy, Operación Triunfo, she was: the first contestant to receive a record deal, first to release 2, 3 then 4 albums and first to have a single in a non-Spanish speaking country (one week before David Bisbal released his debut in Germany), a duet with Joanne Zimmer.

In July 2010, her new album Edición Especial" will be released, including the single "Free Yourself".

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