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Noemí Carrión
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Noemí Carrión is a Spanish singer, songwriter, arranger, recording artist, producer and actress, who originates from Alicante, Spain. Her work encompasses recording, songwriting, arranging, session performance, live performance, TV performance, TV presenting, dancing and fashion modelling.

Primarily a solo artist, Carrión has been a part of numerous groups including Mito, Nieva and Sugar Reef, and was a singer in the popular Spanish group La Década Prodigiosa. She has also sung with the musicians of Seguirdad Social, UB40, Revólver and Prisa, and performed as a session singer.

Carrión has worked with numerous members of the Spanish music industry, including David Ferrero (Mónica Naranjo, Chambao) of Level Records (Madrid), award-winning producer Antonio Escobar[1] of Antipop Studios (Madrid), and Universal Music/Vale Music producer & remixer Carlos Quintero (Chenoa, Beth), and has recorded in many of the important studios of Madrid.

Carrión began her professional musical career at 16 in Alicante, Spain by adding her voice to the songs of other artists, acting, recording for advertising jingles and winning various musical contests in the cities of Spain. At 21, she settled in Madrid to study music, composition, voice, guitar, percussion, violin, modern dance, dramatic art, music history and music interpretation, for theater, movies & TV.

As well as 3 years of study at La Strada and El Almadén stage & drama schools, she has taken courses in Hip Hop, Latin American, Jazz and Street dance styles, in interpretive charisma, in dubbing (with the prestigious José Padilla), and in acting interpretation with actress & casting director Rosa Estévez. In 1997, she independently released “Fruta Prohibida”, which was followed in 1998, by “Pachá Alicante”.

In 2001, she participated in the TVE festival show Eurocanción, aired on TVE1, going on to become a finalist in the Spanish Eurovision Contest with the song Sin Rencor, reaching 4th position with 63 points. She has also sung in important festivals of Spain including The DJ Awards, Festival Freedom (Torremolinos) and El Mediatic.

In 2002, her pop-dance track, the funky house anthem “Friday Night Forever” (Sony Music Entertainment/Weekend Records), written by Peder Ernerot & Gustav Lund, and recorded under the alias Naymi, hit the charts of Máxima FM, and was well-received in the clubs and on the radio. Distributed in Spain, Portugal, Italy, USA, UK and Russia, DJ Magazine (UK) gave the record top star ratings in September 2002. The Club mixes were produced by the most famous DJs and House producers in Spain - David Ferrero, Wally Lopez, Pedro Del Moral and Dr Kucho!, who according to the same DJ Magazine article, were “the entire Spanish ‘A’ list” and who still dominate the Spanish club scene.

An industry promo CD of “Friday Night Forever” featured another Naymi song called “Superwoman” also written by Ernerot & Lund, and later covered by Sonny O'Brien in 2005. In 2002-3, Naymi recorded an album for Sony Music, produced by David Ferrero, with vocals produced by Dr Kucho! and Antonio Escobar, which, due to changes within Sony Europe, was not released. After Naymi’s release of “Friday Night Forever”, the song was covered by Dutch pop star Sonny O’Brien in 2003.

Carrión has starred in various musicals including "Pippi Calzaslargas" in 2000 at the Teatro de Madrid, and “We Will Rock You” - a show inspired by rock group Queen at the Teatro Calderón in Madrid in 2003 and 2004, where she was elected by Brian May to interpret his ballad “No One But You (Only The Good Die Young)”

Additionally, she appears on the Spanish theatrical soundtrack of the musical. A special Spanish Bonus CD of Queen: We Will Rock You (Español) features No One But You (Sólo Por Ti), as well as Bohemian Rhapsody.

Carrión has performed voice-overs for advertising commercials including Santander Central Hispano, Caser Seguros, Canal Isabel II, Ikea, Orange, Jazztel and La Resistencia: El Musical - the campaign against cervical cancer, all of which aired on national networks. She has appeared on television performing cover songs and theme tunes as a soloist, as a member of a group, and as a chorus girl for other artists. She has been the principal singer with the orchestra for the TV series “A La Carta” broadcast on Antena 3, and has also acted in film shoots for publicity films, promotional films and short films.

In 2004 in addition to her theatrical work, Carrión appeared for one year in the TV program "Agustín Bravo". In 2005, she appeared in "Gente De Primera", a Spanish reality TV programme on TVE alongside guests Marta Sanchez, David Civera and Pastora Soler

Carrión has also worked as a chorus girl for artistes such as French smooth jazz guitarist Marc Antoine [8] on his 2005 album “Modern Times”, with Mexican singer, Raphael, as a soprano soloist on his 2005 Mexican tour, for Pablo Moro, and in 2005, performing as a chorus girl in the children’s programme “Brunelesky” (Telecinco), appearing on the CD of the show.

In 2006, Naymi's spectacular pop-dance rendition of ABBA’s “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!” also produced by David Ferrero, was released with group Mito, and like “Friday Night Forever”, was well-received on the radio airwaves.

Later in 2006, Carrión appeared as a main character in the series “L´Alqueria Blanca” (Canal 9, Valencia), for production company, Zenit TV. She also starred as a solo singer in the 2006 musical spectacle “On Broadway” in Madrid, for production company Cie Stage Holdings.

In 2006 and 2007, Carrión performed as a singer with La Gran Orquesta Santiago in Madrid, and in 2007, at the esteemed Circo Price theatre (Madrid), in the musical spectacle “Charivari” directed by Rob Tannion [12]. At this time, she also taught popular music composition at the Marand School Of Music, Madrid.

Since 2007, Carrión became the force behind Nieva (Spanish group) meaning Snows, a commercial Rock Español group which she formed in 2004 with Antonio Escobar. With their dark but vibrant, epic sound, Nieva took an innovative step beyond Spanish pop-rock, fusing electric guitars and electronica. Later in 2007, Nieva toured the cities of Spain with a full band, before recording and producing their first album “Sed De Mar (Sea Of Thirst)” (Antipop), for future release.

In 2009, Carrión performed as a singer at the Reina Victoria theatre in Madrid for the musical spectacle “Historia Del Pop Español: 50 años de antología del pop en España”, directed by Héctor Oliveira, featuring on the theatre placard and starring on the show tour. Also, in 2009 French techno DJ, Ovejito Lindo, produced a bootleg mashup “Moi Lolita versus Gimme”, as Alizée vs Mito & Naymi. Famed British music magazine NME, featured the production in the NME awards 2009 section of their website.

In autumn 2009, just after Rio de Janeiro was selected as the Olympic city for 2016, digital Italian label, Wondermark s.r.l., released the pop samba track “Rio de Janeiro” by group Sugar Reef, featuring Naymi, which was distributed in digital stores (online and mobile). The song was arranged, produced and mixed by veteran music producer Tom East (Fobian, Julie Aagaard, Charlotte Roel, DJ Alligator, James Sampson, Mizz Maya, Vienna, Eden, Nouveau Sisters, Russian Heat). With vocals engineered by David Ferrero, the production was based on the 1999 hit “Rio” by Danish pop group Bluebeat (Virgin Records), which was also produced by East. “Rio” was released as a single and appeared on 10 compilations, with the video reaching number 4 in the MTV Europe hit list. “Rio de Janeiro” was co-written by the same team who wrote music for Naymi's unreleased album.

Also in 2009, Carrión returned to the studio to create the final mixes of Nieva's debut album, for imminent launch. Carrión's biography at Nieva’s Myspace page, states she continues to dedicate her life completely to music - “dedicando por completo su vida a la música”.

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