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Puerto de la Cruz - which in English translates as and was formerly known as "Crossport", although nowadays it is usually known in all languages by its Spanish name - is a city and municipality located in Spain, on the north coast of Tenerife island, in the Orotava Valley. The lowest point is the coastal Atlantic zone, the highest is Las Arenas, a volcanic cone with an elevation of 249 m (817 ft). Farmland is tucked into the valley areas and within the Atlantic coastal zone; urbanisation covers much of the area and the terrain rises rapidly to the south.

Prior to the development of hotels and buildings, much of the area consisted of agricultural land. Considerable fiscal pressure led to the land being developed and the population shifted from rural to urban and tourism. The population is mainly urban today.

The Tenerife Airshow - Festival de Aeromodelismo is held every year in near the harbour, usually in Europa Square. The airshow celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2006. El Carnaval, held every year. Ash Wednesday is in the middle of Carnival. "La Embarcacion de la Virgen del Carmen" (The Sea-setting of the Virgin Carmen), is held July 16. It has become in latter years "la Fiesta del Agua" (The water party), where copious amounts of water are thrown at the festivities.

It is preceded by "La Sardinada" (The Sardine Festival), where sardines are fried and sold the night before at San Telmo. Hundreds of people congregate in Charco Square and its fishing port, where festival goers participate in games like the popular run-along-the grease-pole, where people have to run along a greased pole and catch a flag to win the game.

Because of the normally mild weather, people go in T-shirt and shorts, or just bathing suits, and enjoy a quick dip in the waters of the port to help cool down in the usually warm July weather.The event starts around 12-1 o'clock in the afternoon and lasts till around 10-12 o'clock at night, depending on when most people get tired. Between 11pm to 5am, heavy drinking is known to set in amongst the tourists. Local police such as the Civil Guards, tend to patrol the popular beaches and arrest drunks.

At the height of "La Sardinada", a large papier mache sardine is wheeled through the streets, brought to the waterfront, "blessed" with "holy water" - normally petrol or lighter fluid - by a man dressed as a Bishop. The sardine is then set alight, to huge applause. After this, a huge firework display ensues. The event is known as the "Burial of the Sardine".

Among the crowd at this event, "professional mourners" will be found. These are invariably men in drag, wailing, for comic effect. Although the Burial of the Sardine rarely starts on time, the event always attracts crowds, and it is advised to arrive early at the harbour.

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