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Alizé Lim

Alizé LimAlizé Lim, born on the 13th of July 1990 is a French professional tennis player and Sports Television Host.

Her career-high WTA singles ranking is world No. 135, which she reached on the 26th of May 2014. Her career-high WTA doubles ranking is No. 148, attained on the 7th of November 2016.

Lim made her Grand Slam doubles debut at the 2011 French Open, where she and her French partner Victoria Larrière had received a wildcard for the doubles main draw, but lost to the No. 6 seeds Bethanie Mattek-Sands and Meghann Shaughnessy, 2-6, 1-6, in the first round.

Lim made her Grand Slam singles debut at the 2014 French Open having received a wildcard, where she lost in the first round of the main draw to occasional training partner and then-world No. 1, Serena Williams, 2-6, 1-6.

Lim has worked with Eurosport during the 2022 Australian Open, and presented their coverage of the event with Mats Wilander, Tim Henman, and Johanna Konta.

Born in France, Lim is of Vietnamese descent through her father. Alizé was born to a Vietnamese father and a French mother in Paris, France.

Her father Quang moved to France for work while her mother was born in France. Details about her siblings are unknown because she has decided to keep them private.

Always having been an enthusiastic kid, Alizé always lived an athletic life. She chose tennis as her sport and began practicing day in and day out.

Alizé LimAlizé always knew that she was going to go professional. Her hard work eventually paid off when Alizé made her debut as a professional in 2007.

A right-handed player with a two-handed backhand game, this young woman knew she had to struggle to achieve her goals, but Alizé committed to that life and didn't look back.

Although this beautiful young French tennis player made her pro debut in 2007, she found it extremely hard to break into the scene.

The competition was tough, and as someone who primarily trained in Europe, Alizé didn’t always have access to all the latest techniques.

She finally made her Grand Slam debut seven years later when she received a wildcard to play at the French Open in 2014.

Alizé Lim lost in the first round to Serena Williams. She came back to the tournament for the next three years but always exited in Round 1 in all three.

This French lady reached a career-best ranking of 135 as a singles player on 26 May 2014 and has three titles to her name.

Her best-ever ranking as a doubles player was No. 148. She reached it on 7 November 2016. Alizé also has six titles as a doubles player. This young woman has earned $491,561 in prize money.

In 2018 Alizé Lim climbed to the top of the podium at the VTF Pro Tour 4 tennis tournament, played in September in Ho Chi Minh City.

Alizé LimBorn in 1990 in Paris, the seductively gorgeous Alizé Lim participated four times at Roland-Garros, from 2014 to 2017. She reached her best ranking in May 2014 by being ranked 135th in the Rankings of the Women's Tennis Association (WTA).

The Frenchwoman began her professional career in 2007 at the Perigueux tournament where she was eliminated in the second round.

She won her first two titles on the professional circuit in 2010 in Tempere, Finland and Gosier, Guadeloupe.

She played her first WTA Tour tournament in 2010 in Bastad where she failed in the first round. She won her first women's doubles title, alongside Australia's Ashleigh Barty, at the Innisbook tournament in March 2013.

In 2017, Alizé Lim came for the first time to Vietnam, the country of origin of her father, Lim Quang, in the role of image ambassador of the Vietnam Open tennis tournament.

She breathed new life into Vietnamese tennis as no Vietnamese player had ever performed as impressively as she has.

Watching the French-Vietnamese professional tennis player play at the VTF Pro Tour 4 tournament, played at the end of September in Ho Chi Minh City, the "scouts" of the country wanted her to benefit from an accelerated procedure of Vietnamese naturalization.

Moreover, Alizé Lim's talent and experience could certainly bring many benefits to Vietnamese tennis, especially to promote the image of tournaments held in the country.

Alizé LimAlizé Lim wants to return to play in Vietnam, however, there is still a lot to be sorted out due to the fact that she resides in France.

In addition, due to its extensive annual competition program, it will be difficult for her to play under the colors of Vietnam in international tournaments.

"We are in the process of setting up the Vietnamese naturalization procedure for Alizé Lim. When it is done, she will be the representative of our country for the upcoming competitions," said Nguyen Quoc Ky, president of the Vietnam Tennis Federation.

"Alizé Lim is at a completely different level than the current Vietnamese tennis players. Once her application for Vietnamese citizenship is accepted, she will be an asset to the national team, which lacks high-level players.

She could win the gold medal at the SEA Games," said Doàn Quoc Cuong, secretary-general of the Vietnam Tennis Federation.

The secretary general of the Ho Chi Minh City Tennis Federation, Nguyen Thi Kiêu My, agrees. "With talented players like Alizé Lim and Fodor Csilla, I am convinced that the national team will do great things at the 2021 edition of the SEA Games," she said.

The participation of these young talents from the diaspora contributes to improving the quality of national tournaments, especially the level of Vietnamese tennis."

Alizé Lim, for her part, is ready to take up this challenge. "I am very happy and very enthusiastic. It will be a challenge for myself if I manage to obtain Vietnamese naturalization to play in the national team."

Alizé Lim"I strive every day to improve my level. If one day I have the honor of representing Vietnam in an international competition, I will do everything possible to get the best results," she said.

The French-Vietnamese professional tennis player says she had participated in several Asian tournaments, where the competition was increasingly fierce, and it was a "real adventure" for her.

In addition, her father's country seems very interesting to her with many things to discover. "Although my competition calendar for the year was scheduled as early as January, I had already announced that I would return to Vietnam, in order to participate in tournaments, which I did when I had the opportunity."

"I liked the kindness of the people there - they often smile at me. I can travel and experience a new life. And that doesn't stop me from continuing to train well and participate in competitions," she explained.

But, in recent years, the Paris-born beauty has turned her hand to television as she embarks on a burgeoning media career.

She has also found time for a fuller personal life and dates NBA legend Tony Parker.

Nagging injuries forced her hand three years ago, with those injuries forcing her out the game, so Lim presented the Tennis Channel International original show, Academy Life.

The sudden shift of swapping tennis for a life in a TV studio didn't sit comfortable with Alize initially.

Alizé Lim"At the very beginning, I didn’t feel comfortable and almost felt a little ashamed because I enjoyed doing them (the episodes) but didn't want to show it," she had told www.tennis.com.

"I worried it would make it appear as though I wasn't serious about my tennis, or that I wasn't being professional."

However, with things slowing down on the court because of her ongoing injury problems as well as the global pandemic, she understood that she needed to think about a life after tennis.

"As I grew up, I realised that it was OK for me enjoy other things and be curious about life outside tennis," she said.

"It has been so enriching for me to have these experiences, and it only makes me more and more grateful and proud to have had these opportunities."

"I've been able to absorb different things from so many people and situations, and be curious about learning new things.

"I try to be a good media student. I have my papers where I'm studying as much as I can before I interview people because I am a perfectionist. I can ask people any question I want and they have to answer! I feel privileged in that way."

Lim hasn't competed in a tennis tournament for over a year, but insisted she's still not done with the sport.

She said: "I still love tennis; it's still my first passion and I feel I have it in my blood. I just can't let go because I miss it and also miss playing in tournaments."

Alizé LimBack in 2018, Lim embarked on a media career. The 31-year-old French beauty really enjoyed being behind the camera in the television studio

"I am excited to see Mats [Wilander] and all of the other people I am going to be working with. Interviewing in the virtual reality studio is something I am really curious about – I’d love to talk to Rafa and Novak from there."

"I am really curious about everything! That's actually the thing I am most curious about, how people are going to pop up in our studio. I am really excited about it all."

When I was a player, I liked the first few days of the Australian Open tournament. Everyone is there, it is exciting, it is like a tennis party."

"I think it's going to be the same, the first days and having so many matches is so exciting. I'm just wondering if I will have the same excitement from far away given I will be in London."

"But, even when I wasn't participating, I liked the first days because everyone is playing and usually there are some surprises in the men's and women's tournaments."

"The Australian Open is actually my favourite Slam. Why? The organisers will do everything for the players to make them feel chilled and comfortable."

"There is also something super-special when you are European about playing in the sun in January – it’s very special. I think the conditions can be really extreme sometimes but it's always special."

Alizé Lim"It's the first Slam of the year which is crazy because there isn't a long break between the two seasons. Tennis is back.

"Did I always have the ambition to move into sports broadcasting?" No, It wasn't planned at all, and wasn't something that I thought of."

"Obviously I tried early while I was a player so it started to be part of my life. It more landed on my plate but I don’t take anything for granted. This time it's going to be different, it's going to be as a presenter and I get to be a presenter – it's a new role and I am going to treat it like a whole new sport."

The French star joined Discovery and Eurosport’s high profile cast of tennis experts at the Australian Open.

The 31-year-old, who has had four main draw Grand Slam appearances, fronted the coverage in Discovery’s immersive Cube from London – with the sport's biggest names beamed into the studio from Melbourne.

She was joined by seven-time Grand Slam champion Mats Wilander and three-time major semi-finalist Johanna Konta in the first week, with British tennis royalty Tim Henman arriving during in week two.

Lim misses tennis and hasn't played for over a year in a major tournament

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Alizé Lim Alizé Lim Alizé Lim
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