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Imke Salander

Imke SalanderImke Salander, born in 1993 in Hamburg, Germany is a German runner and fitness model and influencer.

Famous for her fit and athletic physique, which took years of will power, consistency and a proper diet to create, she is an amazing woman.

The transformation of this 5'6" (167.5cm) German fitness model and marathon runner over the years has gone on to inspire people from all over the globe.

With a strong presence online, Imke continues to grow her fan base into the tens of thousands. Her motto is always to keep improving herself while enjoying every step of the process.

She doesn’t just train in the gym. Her workout regimen includes all sorts of exercises, from walking, weight training, core exercises to full-on marathon running. It is this variety that makes fitness fun and challenging for her.

If there’s a trademark muscle group on her body, it would be her abs. And according to Imke, they haven’t been “made in the kitchen,” but chiseled out during sweaty sessions in the weight room.

Imke believes that training is just as important as diet when it comes to developing that lean, beach-ready figure.

Imke SalanderIn Salanders own words:

“Want visible abs? Stick to the ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ cr*p. But, if you want a strong core to improve your performance then do complex weight exercises (squats, deadlifts, etc) and go sprinting.”

Sleep is number one on the list of Imke’s health priorities. She believes that it’s critical for recovery as well as for maintaining low body fat.

Getting enough sleep also keeps Imke’s food cravings at bay. She’s found that she is more likely to snack on unhealthy foods when she has slept to little.

And so for this reason, she’ll do her best to get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep each and every night.

Imke sticks to a whole food diet that’s heavy on the vegetables - one that’s similar to a vegetarian diet.

However, Imke still includes some lean meats here and there so she ensures that she gets enough protein, which is essential for muscle building.

Long training is draining on Imke’s body. When she trains for 90 or more minutes in the gym, her glycogen stores tend to get depleted.

Imke SalanderTo counter this, she’ll snack on dates. These are a source of quick carbs that keep her fueled throughout the entire workout.

Imke’s inspiration comes from not just her progress, but also seeing other athletes and bikini fitness models succeed in their careers.

One of those is Ramona Valerie Alb - also from Germany and known for her success in fitness competitions.

Imke acknowledges that many people ask her how she stays motivated to train every day. And for Imke, the answer is simple: by not putting too much pressure on herself.

She looks at fitness as something that's fun to do, and for this reason, she doesn’t need much motivation to go to the gym. In fact, she looks forward to it.

“I honestly think that the biggest reason for lack of motivation is that you’re putting too much pressure on yourself.

Of course, it’s good to set goals – but only if they make you thrive and enjoy your training."

Imke Salander"In my opinion, the most critical factor in staying motivated is to focus on those little leaps of progress. Enjoy every little step."

"Be proud of yourself after training. Try to find a way to enjoy the whole ride, not just the accomplishment of the particular goal.”

If there’s something you could learn from Imke - it’s patience. Not expecting things to change overnight, but working on them day in and day out.

”Over time, as you stay dedicated, your goals will start to manifest into a reality.”

”She also underlines the importance of enjoying the process, not just ‘the fruits.’ It’s easy to get demotivated when the goal is too far away.”

”But if you enjoy every step of the process on your way there, then your chances of success increase dramatically.

"I always played sports, even as a kid, my whole family loved sports, but I didn't want to be professional, I was far too shy.”

”This gorgeous woman from Hamburg is a true athlete and places special emphasis on a holistic physical education. In addition to classic running, she also likes to lift 50 pound of dumbbells.

Imke SalanderSalander practically trains all week, "I have never had a personal trainer, I do the exercises myself or I look at other people's exercises."

Imke has been rewarded by her followers with product recommendations specifically related to protein bars. Repeatedly, she posted her latest news on social media and shared her experiences with the community.

She wants to work as a TV presenter or direct her energy towards being an actor in the future.

On November 30th of last year (2020) it was announced that Imke Salander had signed on to INCYLENCE and is now starting an intensive collaboration with the high-performance sock brand.

The successful Hamburg start-up has set new standards in terms of quality and style and is shaking up the sports sock market.

INCYLENCE is also convincing more and more athletes from competitive sports like Salander that their new line of socks are perfect for athletes across the spectrum.

“We are very much looking forward to working with Imke Salander. The overall package with Imke simply fits 100 percent. Like us, she comes from Hamburg, has her roots in athletics, is very authentic and very personable."

Imke SalanderShe works extremely hard and is ready to go the extra mile every day in order to push boundaries and set new standards,” says Maximilian Altenmüller from INCYLENCE.

Imke Salander is a power woman, as it is written in the book: she is a model athlete, but also successful outside of sports, as a model, influencer or with her own podcast Mo Sports Fitness for Everybody.

Her primary background is athletics: She started her career as a 400 metre sprinter and middle-distance runner.

For years she has been training in a variety of ways to compliment her running and sprint training almost daily with weight exercises or HIIT training units.

Sometimes in the gym, sometimes with body weight workouts and also explosively. She takes her fans and followers with her via Instagram and shows effective exercises that can be copied.

It is hardly surprising that she is the record holder in the Hyrox: this trend sport combines the elements of strength, functional and endurance training.

Imke Salander“Anyone who has ever taken on Imke in planks, burpees or interval training knows why she is an absolute champion in this area.

We find her performance, her will and her discipline very impressive. We've been following her for years and her attitude is a perfect fit for INCYLENCE.

That she also comes from Hamburg - which is the icing on the cake," remarked Alexander Siegmund from INCYLENCE.

INCYLENCE is a performance sock brand based in Hamburg. INCYLENCE stands for high competence in the field of professional sports socks. Optimally tailored to the special needs of top athletes and ambitious athletes, INCYLENCE will also cover other sports areas in the future. The INCYLENCE socks are characterized by their perfect fit and anatomically shaped soles and toes. INCYLENCE sets new standards in fit and style. With padding in particularly stressed areas, the socks have a cushioning effect and prevent the formation of blisters with good shoe contact and power transmission. Compression effects, stabilization and special support for the Achilles tendon are also features of INCYLENCE socks.

Imke Salander

"Whenever I look like my mama it reminds me of the two most extra ordinary women I know. My mother and my sister (@levkesalander) Strong minded, disciplined but so warm hearted and good willing. Valuing the process of thought but also respecting decisions made by the heart. Do you know someone extra ordinary like that? Tag them or- more importantly TELL them". - Imke Salander ❤️

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Imke Salander Imke Salander Imke Salander
Imke Salander Imke Salander Imke Salander
Imke Salander Imke Salander Imke Salander
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Discipline Performance Wind Venue Date Records Results Score
400 Metres 58.64 Hamburg (GER) 04 JUN 2016 883
800 Metres 2:12.89 Berlin (GER) 13 JUL 2013 943
1500 Metres 4:47.66 Copenhagen (DEN) 06 AUG 2014 853
400 Metres Hurdles 1:05.03 Hamburg (GER) 07 AUG 2013 880


Discipline Performance Wind Venue Date Records Results Score
400 Metres 59.94 Hamburg (GER) 25 JAN 2014 873
800 Metres 2:13.68 Hamburg (GER) 02 FEB 2014 971

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