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Complete UK Airport Assistance

When it comes to flying abroad, often the most stressful part of the journey is the time spent in the airport. It can be quite expensive to reach and leave, overcrowded and generally a bit stressful. However there are things that passengers can do to ease the stress and make their time at the airport calmer and more pleasant.

Checking in for a flight can take up alot of time and be a stressful experience if passengers are unorganised; however today many airlines have an online check in system, which allows passengers to print their boarding pass at home and save themselves the trouble of doing this at the airport. Do bear in mind though, that this system is usually only available for those who are travelling with hand luggage only.

If passengers are able to be more flexible with their travelling dates, they can avoid the overcrowded times of the week. Weekends tend to be exceptionally busy times at any airport; airports are almost always at their most pleasant and calm from about 11 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon on weekdays. The fares can sometimes be cheaper at these times as well.

Passengers should consider flying as locally as possible. The smaller airports usually have far less queues, check- in times tend to be shorter and the parking is cheap and more convenient. When returning home after the trip, collecting the luggage will also tend to take far less time. If, for instance, passengers live in London, then there are options such as Southampton and City Airport, rather than Heathrow or Stansted. Of course, sometimes certain destinations are not available in the smaller airports, but if they are, this option is worth considering.

For those who love to find a bargain at the duty free in the airport, they can often be put off shopping by the thought of lugging their goods around with them whilst they are abroad. In most of the major airports in the UK today, there is a shop and collect service which Allows those travelling within the European Union to pay for what they buy, leave the goods at the airport to be stored securely and then collect the goods when they return.

The most important thing to remember for a stress free, pleasant time at the airport is to plan each detail in advance; from the boarding pass to buying priority boarding, these small organisational details will ultimately save passengers a lot of time and stress. You can even arrange car hire at UK airports before you arrive, so as to avoid queues and delays which can occur at the airport.



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